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CASE STUDY: Verdict Case Management for West Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Customer Story: West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana

“This is by far the greatest benefit for our office.”

Mark Graffeo, Clerk of Court

Streamline Processes with Verdict’s Time-Saving Features

Verdict has greatly reduced the time staff spends preparing reports when the West Baton Rouge Parish has to transfer criminal documents to the Supreme Court of Louisiana. Instead of an hour, the process takes 15 minutes. More importantly, Clerk of Court Mark Graffeo feels confident about the report generating the correct numbers—where previously he checked everything manually

“Verdict’s records and reports will eventually allow me to phase out having an outside accountant and allow us do everything inhouse, making it a whole lot easier and cost effective,” said Graffeo. “This is by far the greatest benefit for our office.”

Another time saving feature for the West Baton Rouge office has been the ability to load multiple cases in the same docket entry.

All Digital Documents Easily Accessed in Verdict

By scanning all civil and criminal case documents into Verdict, the office no longer has to go through paper files. “We can do everything on our PCs, which has made us more efficient from processing to printing,” said Graffeo, who saves time by not having to manually search for paper files.

Get Peace of Mind with Superior Customer Service

“We’ve had about six months to acclimate to the new system, which takes time, but I see changes in routines for the future that could make the office more efficient,” said Graffeo. “With everyone in the country in a ‘try to do more with less’ mode, I don’t have to worry as much about things getting done with Verdict."

Graffeo said that when some vendors make promises, it’s hard to know if they can really deliver. “Cott Systems has delivered what they said they could do. As you learn the system, they are good at breaking down the issue and helping you understand it,” he said. “They are there to respond—within a timely manner—and I’ve been happy with that."

Verdict Probate: Your Complete Court Case Management System

Verdict is your complete Court Case Management System designed to assist the Circuit Clerk and other departments that process court records. Manage civil, criminal, probate and traffic cases with ease.


How Cott Systems can help

We deliver cutting edge customer service and solutions for recording, imaging and searching records. Cott not only builds effective solutions that save local government offices time and money, but we also build partnerships that our customers and their constituents can count on.

What Cott systems delivers:

  • RecordRoom, web based records management application that gives you 24/7 access to your records anytime and anywhere. 

  • Resolution3, records management application solution to efficiently receive, record, store, and archive all records.
  • RECORDhub, a comprehensive and flexible gateway that provides 24/7 access to your records. 

  • Verdict, the complete solution for court case management.


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