We utilize the latest scanning technology from Kodak, Wicks & Wilson, Zeutschel, Colortrac and Image Access to create digital copies of your documents in your office or at our Columbus, Ohio location.  Our dedicated scanning professionals have years of experience in historical document preservation and are capable of digitizing virtually any type of media:

· Bound, loose, and wide format paper documents  
· 16MM and 35MM roll microfilm
· Aperture cards
· Microfiche
· Microfilm jackets
· Paper index cards
· Plats

Our Plat Scanning Service allows you to maintain a digital copy of your plats, eliminating the need for creating and storing duplicate hard copies. The digital copy serves as your back up, saving you space and wear and tear in the originals.  Your digital image is searchable online making it ease to retrieve the information you need and providing disaster recovery in the event the original is damaged or destroyed.

We can perform scanning in-house for plats up to 38” wide and will create a CD containing your digital files with indexing.  We also create aperture cards or film upon request.

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