We combine the most advanced intelligent recognition technology with our highly trained, experienced data and imaging experts to guarantee confidentiality and data protection. Our Data and Image Services team use Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technology with a rigorously tested rule set configured with a sample of your documents. Clues are identified in your document images, and sensitive information is “flagged” for redaction. Next, each flagged image is reviewed and suggested redactions are either accepted or rejected.

Redaction places a black box over the sensitive information, permanently blocking it from view. Your images can be stored both in their original state and in their redacted state, giving you complete access to your records. We are capable of redacting many different types of sensitive data elements. Our team will work with you to develop a plan that targets the information you want to redact.


  • Secure
    State-of-the-art technology ensures information is completely blocked, protecting you and your constituents
  • Accurate
    We give you peace of mind with quality control and redundant checks to ensure you get correct results
  • Cost-Effective
    Our advanced technology and skilled team members redact more data in less time than manual review services
  • Compliant
    Redaction services from Cott help you stay up-to-date with data privacy laws and state redaction requirements
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