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CASE STUDY Office Efficiency & Productivity Maximized with Resolution3 & AutoIndexing

Resolution3 Tackling a reduced budget & hiring freeze with Cott's Resolution3 & AutoIndexing

“Previously we were manually keying grantor/grantee information at the counter, spending about 7 – 10 minutes for each transaction, and now we’re spending about 2 minutes.”

Joan Ward, Deputy Town Clerk


In Connecticut land records, maps, military discharge records, trade name registrations and many other important records are handled at the Town Clerk’s office. By leveraging a technology solution that can address all the critical business issues of these varied responsibilities, a town clerk can optimize their business processes to maximize their budget and improve overall productivity. The Town of Manchester, a thriving community in the eastern section of the Hartford County, has historically been a leader in technology and innovation in the state of Connecticut.

Challenge / Vision

Nearly all state, municipal and county governments are faced with budget challenges as a part of the new economy, and the team at the Manchester, CT Town Clerk’s Office was no exception – finding itself with a reduced budget and a hiring freeze. “We found ourselves with fewer people and resources to manage land and other records in addition to the need for employees to wear multiple hats. We had to look for ways to work more efficiently,” explained Joe Camposeo, Town Clerk, Manchester, CT. Manchester previously implemented Cott’s Resolution system in 2006 to improve the productivity and efficiency of their filing and indexing of local records, in addition to making records available to the public online. The town had a vision to build upon their technology base to gain even more efficiencies


 “Often we rely on technology to automate and ensure efficiency of our processes for the Town, City and across our State. We had the idea of automating the process of manual recording and reducing time spent at the counter with customers. After reviewing options, we chose Cott’s Resolution3 with Auto Indexing,” noted Camposeo. “We moved to Resolution3 with Auto Indexing to reduce time spent processing land records and improve productivity,” said Camposeo. The Auto Indexing module implemented to reduce processing time in Manchester utilizes zonal optical character recognition and intelligent character recognition (OCR/ICR) along with a complex rules-based search engine to identify and capture indexed data specifically for each municipality or county. While Auto Indexing isn’t necessarily a new technology, Cott’s solution, powered by Extract, captures the highest amount of data in the industry (approximately 80 percent). By taking extra time up front to customize and build rules tailored specifically for Manchester, they were able to gain immediate performance results. “Auto Indexing powered by Extract is based on technological advances made over the past few years. The accuracy of locating fields and data is significantly improving. This allows for faster turnaround for recording, which means they are available to the public sooner and this can improve cash flow,” explained Troy Burke, Business Development Manager, Extract Systems.

Results and Future Plans

“Previously we were manually keying grantor/grantee information at the counter, spending about 7 – 10 minutes for each transaction, and now we’re spending about 2 minutes. The 75% time savings in processing at the counter has greatly improved productivity and accuracy”, emphasized Camposeo. “Resolution3 provided us with more freedom for corrections and changes within a sale such as cash versus credit card payments, along with more flexibility in handling transactions and indexing. Now, it’s much easier to make changes later if necessary,” said Joan Ward, Deputy Town Clerk.

Ward also noted that customers now benefit from improved reports and more flexible search options and a tracking feature which provides a record of what has been searched. As part of the overall strategy to improve processes and efficiency, Camposeo researched workflow improvements and was able to uncover two findings: first, the work could be processed faster with Resolution3 and secondly, due to overall time savings on processing land records, the team had more time to spend on other projects such as birth and death records. Overall Camposeo estimates the entire process is approximately 12 times faster than prior to Resolution3. “With Resolution3 and Auto Indexing, we are better able to evaluate our productivity and how we function as a team, the quality of work, and error rates. This helps us improve work flow and performance. With less counter time, Auto Indexing has enabled us to assign tasks that require more diligence to be managed at a desk,” noted Camposeo, the 2008-2010 CT Clerks Board President. “Cott has an excellent staff for training; their help desk is always very attentive. These are critical ‘after sale ingredients’ and we can count on them for not only the technology but also for reliable service,” said Camposeo

How Cott Systems can help

We deliver cutting edge customer service and solutions for recording, imaging and searching records. Cott not only builds effective solutions that save local government offices time and money, but we also build partnerships that our customers and their constituents can count on.

What Cott systems delivers:

  • RecordRoom, web based records management application that gives you 24/7 access to your records anytime and anywhere. 

  • Resolution3, records management application solution to efficiently receive, record, store, and archive all records.
  • RECORDhub, a comprehensive and flexible gateway that provides 24/7 access to your records. 

  • Verdict, the complete solution for court case management.


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