eBackup Services

Cott's eBackup Solution has you covered

As the custodian of legal documents pertaining to land titles, vital records, and court-related filings, you want to ensure that each document not only meets your office’s recording requirements, but that each is kept secure, ensuring a continuum of public and legal access. Cott Systems' eBackup service can help you provide ongoing access to public records in the event of a major disruption like a natural disaster, man made catastrophe or equipment failure.

Cott Systems eBackup Service offers an offsite backup of local county data, eliminating the need for county officials to build their own infrastructure or support equipment. eBackup receives and houses an electronic copy of images, database(s) and software from your local office. Scheduled, automatic backup of new entries and modifications are encrypted and sent via a high speed internet connection to our secure backup location in Columbus, OH. Housed in a Tier IV data center, eBackup has the highest-level of security and triple redundancy to ensure data integrity. In the event of a disaster recovery need, media is shipped overnight.

Disasters disrupt your staff and wreck havoc on productivity. As an officeholder, knowing your records are protected in the event of a disaster allows your focus to remain on providing the best customer service to your public.  eBackup works for both our Resolution3 Land Records Management and Verdict Court Case Management systems.

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