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Cott's Data Sweeping service can identify unwanted elements in your database that you may not know about so you can correct them. We run a series of advanced queries against your database, organize the results, and then deliver them to you in an Excel spreadsheet. 


· Individual names containing numerical data
· Individual names that may represent more than one individual
· Firm names and individual names containing special characters
· Individual names that are unique and therefore only occur once in the system
· Duplicate instruments
· Instruments that do not have images

We will discuss your report with you; then you decide if you would prefer to preform the clean up in-house or have Cott perform the corrections for you. If you would like Cott to make the corrections, we would be happy to provide a proposal to make these adjustments.  

As a follow up to Data Sweeping, we also offer names consolidation - finding all variations
of a name and changes them to a single occurrence.

For example, the US government has been recorded in your records as US Government;
United States Government; U.S. Government; Government of the United States.

Each one of the above names could be linked to hundreds of instruments. By consolidating all of the names, searchers will find the documents they need more quickly. Name consolidation also updates each instrument that contains one of the identified names, dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort needed to make global name changes.

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