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CASE STUDY: Verdict Probate for Adams County, Pennsylvania

Verdict Probate Customer Story: Adams County, Pennsylvania

"In my experience, Cott is always there for you. They are always willing to help, and the staff is very professional." 

Linda Myers, Register of Wills 

Streamline Processes with Verdict’s Time-Saving Features

Linda Myers, Register of Wills of Adams County in Pennsylvania, was looking for a software system that could replace her cumbersome register of wills state books. She needed a streamlined, electronic system to track all the information that came into the probate office daily.

Tailored to Your Individual Needs

Adams County had previously used Cott Systems for their land records and decided to move forward with Cott Systems’ Verdict to meet their goal of increased office efficiency.

Verdict is a powerful, fully-integrated case management system that is well established within court offices. This was the first time Verdict was retooled to serve the needs of a probate office in Pennsylvania to increase efficiency and save time.

Since implementation, one of the biggest time savers for the office is no longer having to mail inheritance tax receipts. Verdict has made it possible to submit electronic inheritance tax receipts automatically to the State.

Support Every Step of the Way

"We recently went live and everything has been going very smoothly,” said Myers. She attributes this smooth transition to the testing her staff was able to do beforehand and because Cott had customized Verdict to meet the specific needs of their office, county and state.

As the staff gets used to their new system, they try to cover all bases and make the system work for them with the greatest efficiency possible. A Cott Systems Product Manager for Verdict continues to work with them throughout the entire process by evaluating their needs, assisting with product implementation and managing customization needs.

Efficient Auto Certificate Completion

One of the key features Verdict offers is that it automatically pulls pertinent information into the short certificates. This eliminates the need for staff to manually type in the information and saves processing time. Verdict also automatically enters information into the system for new estates, which is very time efficient -- especially when there is a renunciation.

“In my experience, Cott is always there for you. They are always willing to help and the staff is very professional,” said Myers. “You need that customer support because you never know what issues will pop up."

Verdict Probate: Your Complete Court Case Management System

Verdict is your complete Court Case Management System designed to assist offices that process court records. Manage civil, criminal, probate and traffic cases with ease.


How Cott Systems can help

We deliver cutting edge customer service and solutions for recording, imaging and searching records. Cott not only builds effective solutions that save local government offices time and money, but we also build partnerships that our customers and their constituents can count on.

What Cott systems delivers:

  • RecordRoom, web based records management application that gives you 24/7 access to your records anytime and anywhere. 

  • Resolution3, records management application solution to efficiently receive, record, store, and archive all records.
  • RECORDhub, a comprehensive and flexible gateway that provides 24/7 access to your records. 

  • Verdict, the complete solution for court case management.


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