Hosted Internet Search

Hosted Internet Search  Datasheet
Cott Systems offers an extended service that allows counties to create or maintain an Internet presence without the expense and overhead typically associated with launching your own web site.

Cott Systems is a Hosted Internet Search service provider. Utilizing the latest technologies Cott offers an extra layer of security for Counties' by hosting their data on a secure internet server.

We will provide a site that is separate from any existing infrastructure yet will appear to the general public as if they are searching the data from the County’s internal system.

  • Alternative Archive Method –Hosted Internet Search ensures that your search data is automatically archived and stored in a secure off site data center.
  • Cost Savings – In a Hosted Internet Search situation, infrastructure costs are shared by many customers.
  • Growth Potential – Cott’s web hosting is a scalable solution that grows to fit your unique needs and storage requirements.
  • Easy Conversion of Historical Data
  • Seamless to the public