Court Case Managemet

The Complete Solution to Court Case Management 

Verdict is Cott’s thorough Court Case Management solution designed to handle filings for all courts including; Civil, Criminal, Traffic, and Probate along with Jury selection. We know each have their own set of processing standards—and issues—to contend with. To provide a technology solution that truly works for the offices that process court filings, it takes a company who knows how those offices live and breathe. After decades of hands-on experience in court records, Cott Systems has compiled a wealth of inside knowledge to create a software suite that provides a full-circle data and image workflow along with a complete records management system to help your office streamline the process from inception to disposition or final judgment and on to archiving.

Serving Offices that Serve Justice

Verdict includes the following:

Criminal is designed to provide a data and image work flow to follow cases from inception through disposition and sentencing, and on to document archiving.

Civil is designed to provide a data and image work flow that will follow cases and advanced deposits from inception through disbursement and judgment and on to document archiving.

Jury is designed to manage precise, up-to-date records for the jury pool. Juror pools can be completely customized based on a combination of last service and last summons dates. Verdict Jury ensures random selection of jurors and provides meaningful reports for the Jury Commission to evaluate disqualifications or exemption claims. The Verdict Jury module has the capability for printing subpoenas, juror cards, labels, and checks. The Verdict Jury module operates according to the assumption that all registered voters are placed in what can be referred to as a “Population Pool”. Additional prospects for the pool are also solicited by the DMV driver licenses. A random selection by type of jury can occur at any time.

Probate is a new software system that can replace cumbersome register of wills state books. It is a streamlined, electronic system that tracks all the information that comes into the probate office daily.  One of the biggest time savers this offers is no longer having to mail inheritance tax receipts. Verdict has made it possible to submit electronic inheritance tax receipts automatically to the state. 

The Ease of Retrieving Data with Web-Based Search

Criminal & Civil Cases

Verdict is designed to facilitate the ease of retrieving data and images associated with Criminal and Civil cases.

Public access is provided via intranet and/or internet, at the discretion of the public official. The web search contains robust account management functions. These functions empower a public official to permit access to view data and images, and at what level they can access information. Confidential information, such as birth dates, social security numbers, and financial information is restricted from public view providing the information has been redacted using the Annotation Design mode during Quality Control during the imaging process.

The following search capabilities exist: Case Number, Defendant, Alias, Associated Party, Attorney, Associated Party Attorney, Event Group/Type/Date/Time, Defendant Address, Traffic Citation.

Verdict is compatible with Cott's revolutionary eBackup service, Redaction service, and eFiling.