Land Records Management

A powerful and flexible land records management system to improve workflow.

Resolution3 (R3) is a suite of integrated Records Management applications that provide a comprehensive solution to efficiently receive, record, store, and archive all records entrusted to your office's care. Secure public access to data and images is provided via the Intranet/Internet.

Resolution3 software modules include Fees, Indexing, Imaging, and eSearch - all modules are fully integrated.  Data elements are entered into the system a single time and are immediately available to any other process that requires that element.  There is no duplication of effort and no redundant data entry.  These modules operate within a flexible user-definable work flow, allowing you the ability to choose the work flow that is right for your office.

This fully featured system offers 11 distinct work flows; including the popular “scan at the front counter.”  Furthermore, work flow processes can be re-engineered to gain greater efficiencies – anytime without changing the software. It also provides all the functionality required to process a recorded instrument from acceptance through document archiving – your way.

Resolution3 also features unlimited indexing capability for all official documents.  This can include vitals, maps, minutes, burial permits, liquor licenses, military discharges, trade names, and any other document your office wishes to officially record.

Resolution3 can be deployed locally or hosted. Hosted R3 has many benefits: 24/7 access, anytime, anywhere; no server installation, maintenance, or local backups required; disaster preparedness; public search option is available online; multiple levels of data protection; and fast implementation. It is housed in a data center with the highest level security with the Cott Cloud.

This land records management system is capable of handling registration and licensing services. The TobyTrax module simplifies the efforts of public officials who are entrusted with collecting fees associated with issuing dog licenses (currently available in CT and RI). Track, search and print Certified Birth Certificates, Marriage Applications, Licenses, and Certificates (optional self-serve marriage kiosk). It is compatible with Cott's revolutionary eBackup service, Redaction services and eSearch.