Redaction Services


Redaction technology has evolved over the years.

The latest technologies have made it more cost effective to have a qualified vendor (like Cott) review the millions of documents to redact sensitive information.

Once in the hands of Cott’s Data and Image Services team, your images will be processed using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition).

Based on a rigorously tested rule set, configured with a sampling of your documents - clues are identified and sensitive information is “flagged” for redaction. Each flagged image is then reviewed and suggested redactions are then either accepted or rejected. If you prefer a faster turn-around time, the redactions flagged during OCR and ICR can be automatically applied.

Although we are asked to, and are capable of, redacting many different types of sensitive data elements, the most popular types that you may want to consider redacting are:


Social Security # (SSN) Date of Birth (DOB) Drivers License #
Maiden Name Credit Card # Police Officer's Name
Defendant's Name Name of a Minor  


Advantages of our Redaction Service:

Greater Security: Redaction places a black box over the sensitive information, permanently blocking it from view. Images are stored both in their original state and in their redacted state.