eBackup Service


Protect Your Office from Data Disasters

Some form of disaster happens at least once in the history of every office. Disasters disrupt your staff and wreck havoc on productivity. Your constituents want to know what you are doing to protect and preserve their records.

Cott Systems eBackup Service offers an offsite backup of local county data without the need for county officials to build their own infrastructure or support equipment.

eBackup receives and houses an electronic copy of images, database(s) and software from your local office. Scheduled, automatic electronic backup of new file entries and file modifications is encrypted and sent via a high speed internet connection to our secure backup location located in Columbus, OH. 

Our secure location has dedicated computer rooms, dedicated cages, dedicated racks, dedicated power (triple-redundant UPS power with 2 power feeds from 2 sub stations and motor generator in both AC and 48 VDC), high-security (card access control with biometrics and video recording), cross-connect services and triple redundant cooling.

As an officeholder, knowing your records are protected in the event of a disaster allows your focus to remain on providing the best customer service to your public. 

eBackup works for both our Land Records Management and Court Case Management systems.

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