Disaster Preparedness Whitepaper

Disaster Preparedness

Are you prepared?

No matter what the type of disaster is, they are rarely predictable. But, fortunately, the loss of your records is preventable. There are several tactics that you can do to help with preventing records loss as:

  • Having a disaster preparedness strategy
  • Digitizing your records
  • Moving to a cloud-based solution

Cott can help you digitize your records and store them in the Cott CloudDigital record-keeping and Cloud-based solutions provide the most comprehensive approach.It is the extra layer of protection and security you need.

Download Cott's White paper on disaster preparedness to learn about available solutions with a particular focus on benefits and the peace-of-mind government Officeholders can gain from keeping digital records.

You will learn to:

  • Identify critical records needed to operate normally
  • Identify vital records to protect
  • Preserve copies of such records
  • Establish and implement a plan to recover records
  • As well as the many options you have for preparing for a disaster