Data Sweeping Service


Reduce Liability & Index Inconsistencies

Identify problems that may hinder the searching of your data

Cott's Data Sweeping service can identify unwanted elements in your database that you may not know about so you can correct them.

Data Sweeping can identify:

  • Individual names containing numerical data
  • Individual names that may represent more than one individual
  • Firm names and individual names containing special characters (non-alpha/non-numeric)
  • Individual names that are unique and therefore only occur once in the system
  • Instruments that contain the same index type, book, page, or index type and file number
  • Documents that do not have images

We will provide a report listing abnormalities, then you decide if you would prefer to "clean it up"’ in-house or have Cott perform the corrections for you. If you would like Cott to make the corrections, we would be happy to provide a proposal to make these adjustments.  

Download the Data Sheet